Pick a domain name that is related to your idea or company name.  This prevents anyone else from registering it to pull traffic away from your website.


When you register a domain with any registrar, your personal details are automatically entered into a public directory.  This is often used by hackers and spammers to create mailing lists and steal domains. WebRam can offer domain privacy to keep your personal details hidden.

New Domain Extensions

New domain extensions are available all the time.  You can register all sorts of domain extensions…
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We will take care of everything for you.  We can buy and manage the domain name on your behalf.  This means you can concentrate on running your business without worrying about anything.

We will fully manage your domain for you

Domain names can be confusing, so leave it to us.  We will manage the whole process for you.  From picking the right domain to renewing it for you.  Domains will be registered in your name and will renew automatically to make sure no one can else can get their virtual hands on it.

The "British" domain
from £15/year
  • Registered in your name for 1 year
  • Domain privacy available (see below)


The "International" domain
from £25/year
  • Registered in your name for 1 year
  • Domain privacy available (see below)

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The "British" domain name!

The domain extension is great for anyone aiming at the British audience.  What’s more, there are many .uk options available.  For example, .uk,, and many more.

The "International" domain name!

The .com domain is for those of you that want to target the international market and take over the WORLD!!

Privacy Protection

Hides your personal information from the the public WHOIS directory
Prevents spam
Helps stop domain hijacking
Helps protect against stalkers and harassers

From just
£10 per year

Reserve your domain now!

Don’t let your domain slip through your hands.  Contact us today to get your domain reserved ready for your next idea.

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